What others say about the healing music

Do healing frequencies work? What are the benefits of listening to Solfeggio, 528 and 432 Hz meditations? Those who have tried say:

I have been enjoying the sound bytes I have from you, I often listen to them during my Yoga practice, and find them very helpful. They are powerful and I can either feel transformational things happening or they are soothing and comforting, depending on which one I use.

Thank you so much, I will stay tuned!

Candy Spender

A few years ago I found your site and I got every audio you had available. Today I see you have some new titles and I ordered every single one I did not yet have. Why? Because over the past few years since I found your site for some reason your music is what I love and listen to far more than any other music. More importantly during those years since I found your site I have entirely changed my music library.

I now ONLY listen to healing beneficial music and audios. Although there was conscious choice involved in making the changes to my music library, I also know for sure that at a deeper level than my conscious mind shifts and changes of awareness were inspired by listening to your music that combined with other knowledge I had about sound and music and produced a radical change in my behavior.

It’s hard to put into words how profoundly grateful I am to have found your site and the music you have and the way you write about it on the site has also been very helpful. Peace. Love. Joy. Fun. @JoreJjZ JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

Personal Development Consultant, Elprehzleinn

I am a Vibrational Intuitive Medium and I use these frequencies . They have been very helpful to clear my channels and I recommend them to my clients. Helpful, healthy and healing! Thank you!

Melissa Boyd

I have been using the frequencies and I have experienced some headaches, so I sparingly use it when it is absolutely needed. I will say something happened one night while I was laying down listening to the frequencies. It was like a projector of past experiences and people I have ever interacted with flashed before my eyes. (this has happened before but not at that pace) It was like my inner being, my core opened up and I cried so hard that night I mean hard.. Now I have always been a very reflective person, I am all about self awareness, open to learn alot about myself and continue to shed that which doesn’t work for me anymore to establish balance in my life. I will say that the frequencies are very useful to me when I am not choosing to connect with anyone’s issues and want to block out unwanted subconsciousness energy. I meditate, I also do yoga and have been a practitioner for some years now adding the frequencies to my space has been the added tool I needed to break through more crystallized energy. I have a desire to continue to work with balance in my life..focus, and excepting of my natural beautiful self. We are vibration, frequencies and we choose to disconnect,conditioned to disconnect from our core, higher self. I don’t believe in a believe system. I’m all about the knowing and what I don’t know (the unknown) I explore. That is the only way we can ever see our God selves and embrace that, we have separated from nature, nature us nature without anyone permission,procreates,reincarnates, recycles itself, we have lost that connection and my goal is maintain that hu in my spiritual self again. I really appreciate you sending these to me..I let me son listen to them and he truly enjoys the way his body mind and spirit feels afterwards.

Desla Epison

I am most pleased to have come across `Attuned Vibrations´ site ! I first learnt about 432Hz tuning in 2008 when I started playing a couple of wooden recorders (a pentatonic one and a diatonic one) tuned at 432Hz at home and then at church in a moment called `Prayer in Chords´. Indeed, our Heavenly Father knew exactly what He was doing when decided to tune the whole Universe at 432Hz. Having had the gift of not only listening to but also playing these wind musical instruments in tune with the Cosmos has helped me to relax and breathe in and out more freely and lightly. Playing at church in this very special moment of `Prayer in Chords´ when people come in just to pray and listen to the music has been a mysterious healing moment. Some people have already told me that they could finally experience their prayers breaking the ceiling and reaching up to God. How I wish our whole musical world were tuned at 432Hz !

Marcia Contador

I’m working as a sound therapist in Germany. Since 20 years I was working with 432Hz, but now I’m so much touched by the Love frequency 528Hz. It has really a strong and harmonizing effect on me. I tuned my soundmassagetable on 132Hz and it brings really harmony and love. First I was thinking solfeggio frequencies is only esoteric nonsens, but by making my own experiences, I could feel the power of 528Hz in my heart.

Thomas Meisenheimer

I began to meditate daily last year and found the Solfeggios as media with which to utilize. I felt I was launching from my physical experience and literally felt my body, on a biophysiological lavel, responding to the tone. I purchased a few tracks and introduced them to a meditation group I lead on Sundays at Journeys prior to our service. The group shared similar experiences with the tones and we have been utilizing them ever since. As a composer, and realizing that there was not much material available insofar as meditative pieces in the Solfeggio tones, I began to compose my own. Hence, the birth of the Solfeggio Shaman, a Registered Trademark and pseudonym for the recording artist of Solfeggio music. Many of the compositions are available on the Shaman’s Channel at YouTube, as well as my songwriter website (below). Some of these comositions have been published and/or signed at music libraries such as Jingle Punks, Music Supervisor and AudioSparxx. So, yes, discovering the Solfeggios has been a wonderful and much appreciated blessing in my journey.

Dean Caputo

I almost went into a state of shock when I heard that I had won a set of Sofeggio tuning forks from AttunedVibrations.com. Never did I expect to would win. I actually knew very little about how to use them and quickly went on line to learn some techniques. With just a little amount of knowledge I started asking friends if they had any pains. I didn’t know what to expect at first but as positive results started occurring on a regular basis I developed more confidence. The vibrations were helping with a variety of inflammatory, muscle and pain problems. I have a great amount of faith and believe that these tones were created for healing. The types of “hurts” that received relief varied. Here is a short list: arthritis in hips and shoulders, frozen arthritic toe, stiff neck, loss of strength in hand, spider bite infection, post fracture pain, post surgery pain etc. There have been so many now that I have difficulty remembering them all. The musical arrangements too have been successful in aiding my sleep patterns as well as in calming down agitated children. I love helping people and am so greatful that I was the receiver of this gift. Now I can help others.

Patricia from Florida

Hi, I just listened to your online samples and I felt the vibrations emanating throughout my whole body, like a wave of purifying liquid washing over me. Cool. I need this. Thank you! Lars Christensen

This is just a bit of my recent experience over the last couple of days…as I said, it makes such a difference to my and my family’s well-being already. I am involuntarily “exposing” my 4 months as well as my 4 year old/young children to it despite various cautionary notes I have come across! Baby really seems to enjoy the ones in 528 Hz, he’s not so keen on some others, so I don’t play them out loud when he’s around as I am a bit worried (I’d be very interested in your opinion as to why is it not recommended for kids under 10? maybe they naturally vibrate at a higher rate than us adults?) but really I guess I should have the faith and understanding to decide these things with the best intent for myself, having studied and applied homoeopathy for over 9 years …which is essentially a vibrational medicine system, too. Anyhow, wanted to share this: I downloaded Solfeggio audio and listened to it briefly before i went to the dentist and had some serious de-scaling and cleaning work done…I am absolutely terrified usually but this time felt calm, I refused to have any injections, kept the tones in mind/kept hearing the sounds in my mind and almost “enjoyed” the process, no pain, no bleeding whatsoever, my dentist was thoroughly confused! I tried to explain to her my experiment with the solfeggio scale/music, alas, she was too busy too pay attention… Sarah Kiener

I love Your music. It is has a very calming effect, which I can use very well in my very busy life. Please keep up the good work. P. from Switzerland

Hi, I am a highly discerning person by nature, so for years I discounted this type of frequency, energy, light healing stuff as a bunch of fluff. Finally I just opened up to it and actually tried listening to Solfeggio frequencies as a part of my practice. THIS IS AMAZING!! I am now promoting this to anyone who shows interest as a way to help release layers and come into a deeply relaxed state. I feel that it is one of the best purchases that I have ever made. Thank you to all of you setting your intention and destiny toward the Divine. Shane Morilon

I am enjoying the frequencies. I cannot say I had some big miraculous healing, I didn’t need any. However, I have noticed that peace seems to flow from me. I am not such an aggressive driver and don’t get upset when other’s cut me off or drive badly around me. I feel lighter and the proverb ‘When the student is ready, the teacher comes’ is holding true, so many connections are happening about things I want to learn or just curious about. And I set up my computer to play them all night and my dog is just – mellow. Life is good and interesting. That’s all. Stephanie McKenzie

“We love Solfeggio music, we have the free snippets provided on your website switched to on auto-repeat and we open the windows to share the sounds with the farm animals.Our small dog is utterly lulled into dreamland by the music, we have had to boot her out of the room for food and water, better still we now leave a waterbowl near her resting area. Looking forward to hearing the full version of the sounds. Mel and Margie

Thank you so much for the information. Very educational for me. The experience of listening to solfeggio music is intensely peaceful. Melly Banagale

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