Solfeggio Frequencies – Science And Benefits

In recent years, a sound phenomenon called solfeggio frequencies has become very popular. Solfeggio frequencies are sound tones that can improve overall health and well-being. These frequencies date back to ancient times and said to originate from the Solfeggio scale, invented by Guido d’Arezzo in the 8th century. The tones were widely used by the Gregorian monks in their chants because of the rhytmic pulse that had healing quantities.

Solfeggio frequencies were rediscovered in 1974 by Dr. Joseph Puleo, a North Idaho physician. Dr. Puleo used the Pythagorean method of number reduction to decode six sound frequencies that create balance and resonance in our bodies and improve mental health. In his later research, Dr. Puleo described three additional frequencies that complement the Solfeggio scale.

There are six main solfeggio frequencies: 396 Hz, 417 Hz , 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, and 852 Hz. The three additional tones are: 174 Hz, 285 Hz, and 963 Hz. The fact that these frequencies promote healing has been confirmed by other scientists such as Dr. Lee Lorenzen, who discovered their resonant effect on water molecules.

Dr. Lorenzen used electromagnetic energy (vibration), causing water to cluster into beautiful hexagonal crystals. Clustered water can move freely through the cell walls and transport nutrients, remove waste, and help to maintain proper communication between the cells.

Fortunately, Dr. Puleo’s discovery hasn’t been forgotten and the positive healing effects of Solfeggio frequencies have gathered further evidence.


Solfeggio frequencies and the modern science

One of the most important studies confirming the positive effects of the sound frequencies was conducted in 1998 by Dr. Glen Rein, a PhD from the University of London and former professor at Mt. Sinai Hospital. His experiment confirms that what we listen to has a significant impact on the health of our bodies and cells.

Rein measured the effect of four musical styles on human DNA. First, he converted Sanskrit chants, Gregorian chants, rock and classical into scalar audio waves. Then he played the music into test tubes containing in vitro DNA for an hour. He determined the effects of each type of music by measuring the absorption of UV light in the DNA vials.

Two separate experiments showed that the Gregorian and Sanskrit chants increased the UV absorption up to 9 percent. They produced almost healing effects while the other styles performed much worse. The classical music increased absorption by just over 1 percent. Rock, on the other hand, decreased absorption by 1.8 percent and was harmful to DNA. Dr. Rein’s research gives the evidence that sound frequencies can improve our health and bring positive effects on the body and mind.

While Rein’s research focused on the physical effects of sounds, a recent study shows that archetypal sounds can evoke unconscious emotions. This proves that auditory stimuli can be successfully used to improve mental health and positively impact our emotional state. These sound tones are also a useful tool for healing physical and emotional trauma.

You can multiply the healing effect of the solfeggio frequencies when you combine them with other auditory phenomenon called binaural beats. So, what are binaural beats and how do they work?

Binaural beats and solfeggio frequencies

binaural beat is created when two tones are played in each ear—one tone at a slightly lower frequency and another at a slightly higher frequency. The brain interprets the difference between these two tones as a third tone, which you hear as your dominant brainwave frequency. We call this third tone a binaural beat. But what about its healing benefits?

Binaural beats have been studied in a variety of contexts, including relaxation, focus, sleep and stress relief. Studies on anxiety and depression show that the binaural beats can reduce symptoms of these psychological disorders. They can also help with ADHD, PTSD and other disorders. Studies on learning and memory found that binaural beats improved performance on tasks such as working memory span or verbal learning ability.

Binaural beats can easily be used with solfeggio frequencies to accelerate and enhance their healing effects. A 2021 study has shown that solfeggio frequencies together with binuaral beats help to achieve deep meditative and relaxing states.

Since the binaural beats are best perceived at carrier tones between 400 and 500 Hz, it’s recommended to combine these tones with the solfeggio frequencies of 396 Hz and 417 Hz. You can use other solfeggio frequencies as carrier tones for individual ears. For example, if the left ear hears a 174 Hz solfeggio frequency and the right ear hears a 184 Hz frequency, your brain will perceive this as an alpha tone (relaxation tone) of 10 Hz.

Solfeggio frequencies are still a relatively new discovery compared to binaural tones. Skeptics may wonder: are solfeggio frequencies real? Yes, they’re a real sound phenomenon. This is confirmed not only by the studies mentioned above, but also by cymatics, the science of visualizing sound frequencies.

Solfeggio frequencies and cymatics

Cymatics is the study of how sound waves interact with matter to create geometric shapes. The word comes from the Greek kyma (meaning “wave”), and many people consider cymatics to be a form of sacred geometry. Cymatics has been used as an instrument for healing, meditation, and self-reflection. It’s also a way to demonstrate the effects that sound vibrations have on matter.

A study published in 1996 describes the use of cymatics in sound therapy. One of the people mentioned in the study is Dr. Peter Guy Manners, a sound pioneer who used cymatic sound generators to treat physical, emotional and mental problems. Another study mentions cymatics as a possible tool for noise reduction in urban environments.

Cymatic experiments with solfeggio frequencies are evidence of the uniqueness of these tones and of sound itself as a creative force. The beautiful and regular geometric shapes that solfeggio frequencies create show us that it’s possible to manipulate and change matter. Cymatics shows us that sound frequencies affect people, the environment, and even more subtle areas such as the body and mind.

The benefits of the 9 solfeggio frequencies

Each of the main solfeggio frequencies has unique benefits for health, mental balance and physical well-being.

174 Hz

The frequency of 174 Hz helps relieve emotional and physical tension. This was confirmed in a study on human fatigue in 2021. Using infrared imaging, researchers concluded that the pure 174 Hz frequency has a positive effect on reducing fatigue in human subjects. The reduction of tension leads to calmer and more rhythmic breathing.

This frequency is perfect if you want to release tension and relax quickly after a stressful day. You can also use the 174 Hz frequency as background music for a quick and refreshing meditation.

285 Hz

Music tuned to the frequency of 285 Hz helps you increase your energy and promote the recovery of a tired body and mind. This leads to greater alertness and concentration, so you can cope with unexpected situations more easily.

Listening to the 285 Hz music gives you a sense of calm and security. This frequency is less intense than the higher ones, making it ideal for longer relaxation, massage or yoga sessions.

396 Hz

The frequency of 396 Hz helps you reduce subconscious fears and negative beliefs. Helping to relieve guilt, the frequency of 396 Hz promotes a harmonious emotional growth. It has been described as “the frequency of love” by some participants of the 2022 Sonic Proximities study.

The 396 Hz music makes it easier to achieve dreams and goals. Since this frequency creates an uplifting energy, it works well as motivational music.

417 Hz

The frequency of 417 Hz helps to eliminate negative emotions associated with past events. This makes it a useful tool in overcoming psychological trauma. It’s been shown that music tuned to 417 Hz, along with other techniques, stimulates communication and physical response.

The 417 Hz frequency works well in therapy or individual work on soothing intense negative feelings. This frequency helps build your inner strength and promote positive change.

528 Hz

Music tuned to 528 Hz helps with mental and physical health. Researchers found in 2019 that exposure to this sound wave reduces anxiety. According to the study, sound waves with a frequency of 528 Hz stimulate testosterone production. Another study showed that 528-Hz frequency can be used in the treatment of addiction. The study found that 528 Hz sound waves reduced the toxic effects of ethanol on astrocyte cell cultures. And most surprisingly, cell viability increased by up to 20 percent.

The 528 Hz frequency lifts your mood and puts you in a state of serenity and relaxation. It’s perfect as background music for deeper meditation and relaxation.

639 Hz

639 Hz helps to achieve mental balance. It promotes harmonious relationships between loved ones and the community around us. This frequency can help resolve conflicts in relationships and avoid exclusion from social groups.

The frequency of 639 Hz encourages understanding and tolerance. Music tuned to this frequency is ideal for group meditations and other shared activities.

741 Hz

The frequency of 741 Hz helps with intellectual work and problem solving. By stimulating the mind, this frequency promotes creativity and self-expression. 741 Hz also helps to make better decisions, leading to a healthier and more satisfying life.

Music tuned to 741 Hz is ideal for intellectual activities such as learning, working in the office or at home.

852 Hz

The frequency of 852 Hz has a positive effect on the subconscious and strengthens intuition, which contributes to spiritual and emotional harmony. This frequency awakens your inner power to make positive changes in your life.

Music tuned to the 852 Hz frequency is perfect for deep meditation and practicing mindfulness.

963 Hz

The frequency of 963 Hz helps to reach the highest state of spiritual and mental clarity. You can use it to activate your pineal gland and raise your consciousness. This frequency promotes oneness with everything that surrounds us.

Music tuned to 963 Hz works best in one-on-one meditations that take place in silence and stillness. If you want to fully explore your mind, this frequency is an excellent choice

Solfeggio frequencies have a positive effect on your emotional, physical and spiritual state. You’ll appreciate their beneficial influence during meditation, sleep, mental work and normal daily activities.

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