How to add healing music to your iPod

Please follow these simple steps:


Run iTunes and connect your iPod to your computer via the USB cable provided.


Import your purchased music into iTunes. Browse your computer where you downloaded the songs and keep that folder open. Go back to iTunes and select the “Music” tab. Simply drag the audio files from your computer into iTunes.


Copy your music into the iTunes Media folder on your computer. Press “Ctrl” and “A” to select all of the songs. Right-click the highlighted songs, and click “Consolidate Files.” Click “Consolidate” in the window that opens.


Make sure that you sync the entire library. From the side of the screen, select your iPod from the list of devices. From the screen you’re already at (“Summary”), select “Music” from the tabs at the top of your screen. It should have “Sync Music” then “entire library” selected as default.

Sync iPod. Click the sync button and your iPod’s screen should read “Sync in progress, do not disconnect.” Wait for the process to complete. When iTunes reads “iPod sync is complete, okay to disconnect,” you can disconnect the iPod safely (“eject” option).

How to download the music directly to the iPod

Due to manufacturer’s restrictions, it is not possible to download files directly on the iPad, iPod or iPhone using the default browser. However, you can use an alternative browser like iCab to download my music directly to your iPod.

iCab Mobile is a popular and safe third-party AppStore web browser for iOS. You can download it here.

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** Photo by Josh Semans