How Music Can Affect Your DNA and Bring You Health

We have all listened to particular music that touches us and moves us to emotion. Whether it is upbeat music that makes us happy or gives us energy, or music about broken hearts and lost love that makes us sad and lethargic, we know that music has power over us. But did you know that it is possible for music to change us at a cellular level, right down to our genetic code, DNA? Healing music, particularly that which is played at the 528 Hz frequency, has the ability to positively affect our DNA, helping us to return to a better state of health. In this article, I will show you just how the powerful healing vibrations of the 528 Hz frequency can restore our health by repairing our DNA.

The Science Behind the Magic

Let us first look at the science behind this amazing phenomenon, by looking at how vibration affects matter. The first to discover the effects of music on matter was a German Scientist and musician, Ernst Chladni, who was also known as the father of acoustics. Chladni’s experiment was simple and visual. He drew a violin bow across the edge of a thin metal plate covered with sand, and the sand, when moved by the vibrations of sound from the violin bow, formed various geometric patterns.  A similar experiment was done much later, in the 1960s, by a Swiss medical doctor and scientist, Dr. Jenny.  He also studied sound waves in a science he called cymatics, which showed pictures of how sound influences matter. He put sand, water, and other fine powders on metal plates, which he vibrated with a special frequency generator and a speaker and photographed or video recorded. He found that different vibrations produced unique, beautiful and intricate patterns, and that the patterns remained intact as long as the sound played, but the pattern collapsed as soon as the sound stopped. 

Proof DNA Repair with 528 Hz Music

So if matter, such as water and sand can be changed with sound frequencies, it only makes sense that our DNA and other structures within our body can be changed and repaired with certain healing music such as the 528 Hz.  Although the idea of DNA repair using the 528 Hz frequency is still in its infant stages, there is some unarguable proof that the vibration of this frequency can, in fact, repair our genes and bring us health.  Dr. Lee Lorenzen, PhD, used the 528 Hz frequency to create clustered water, water that is broken down into small stable rings, or clusters. This clustered water was found to be absorbed by the DNA membranes much more readily than regular water. Because of this, it is more effective at removing impurities from inside the DNA than regular water.  Furthermore, he found that 6-sided, crystal-shaped, clustered water molecules that vibrate at 528 Hz provide the supportive matrix of DNA strands. The depletion of these strands negatively affects every physiological process of our body. In theory, the depletion could be halted, or slowed, by continuing to hold the clustered water together using the 528 Hz frequency, similar to the way the sand patterns were held up in the experiments explained above.  And while the above experiments do not prove that the DNA itself is directly changed or repaired by the frequency, they do show that the use of the healing frequency of 528 Hz is very promising for  purifying DNA and helping it to remain properly hydrated and supported, thus improving our overall physiological functioning and health.