How Healing Frequencies Create Health

How does sound heal? It is a relevant question, and it was first answered by Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher and mathematician around 500 BC. Pythagoras believed that geometry, a branch of mathematics that is primarily concerned with shape, size, relative position of figures and the properties of space, is the visual music of the heavens. He believed that mathematically based harmonic ratios infused music with the powers to heal, because they could harmonize the human body. Today, many people are beginning to agree with Pythagoras, as scientists and spiritualists have made many breakthroughs in their study of sound and how it affects our bodies. In this article, we will look at some of the science that proves that healing frequencies positively influence our health.  First, let us discuss how sound affects matter. There have been several studies done on this, all with astounding results that point to the fact that frequency is transformational. Three such examples are: Dr. Hans Jenny conducted experiments using matter such as water and sand on metal plates that were oscillated by tones played on a frequency generator through speakers. The sound waves vibrated the plates, producing clearly visible geometric patterns. While the tones played, the patterns held up, but when they were turned off, the patterns fell apart. Scientists today can clearly show, using computer programs, how striking a musical note causes a geometric pattern to form. Navy sonar technician and graphic artist, Mark Fisher recorded the calls and sounds of whales, dolphins and birds, and demonstrated how they created beautiful geometric shapes using sonography. Further proof involves the body’s tendency toward entrainment. Entrainment is a process in which all objects in time and space try to synchronize themselves with the strongest available vibration. Have you ever seen the experiment where a person puts five metronomes on a plank with cans underneath, so as to reduce friction? In this experiment, all of the metronomes are wound and placed on the plank. Of course, the last one wound will be the one that vibrates the strongest. Within a matter of moments, all of the metronomes will sync themselves with the one that is vibrating the highest. When your body is in entrainment, all of the systems in your body work in harmony with your heart, which is the highest frequency generator.  In a similar way, your entire body can become entrained to the higher frequencies of the healing tones. Every cell, tissue and organ, and every molecule and atom in your body, becomes energized by the higher, stronger frequency, and harmonizes with it, bringing your entire body to a higher state of being.  But why are these frequencies so important? The healing frequencies (like Solfeggio tones) are mathematically based on sacred geometry, which is the secret to the creation of the universe, and in effect all things in the universe, including you. All music and sound produces transformational sound waves, but the healing frequencies resonate in a special way with the natural, perfect vibration of your body. Different frequencies can be used for different things, such as healing physically, healing from past hurts, healing your separation from the Spirit, and so on. And while science does not have all of the answers, one thing is certain: healing frequencies have the power to transform us, purify us and empower us to live the lives we were meant to live.