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Desla Epison, USA
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Candy Spender, Australia

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Solfeggio & 528Hz Music
Resonare Fibris
Resonare Fibris
Tibetan bowls are tuned to 417Hz, the frequency for breaking up old emotional patterns, undoing situations and facilitating change. The audio is also rich in 528Hz and other frequencies. For the effects of 10Hz Alpha binaural beats at the phantom tone of 417Hz, please listen with stereo headphones.
Unlock your potential
Alpha Healing
Alpha Healing
This warm and dreamy meditation provides spiritual blessings and healing transformations. All 12 Solfeggio tones are perfectly mixed together to give you a heavenly experience. This track also has 8Hz Alpha binaural brainwave entrainment.
Heal your spirit and body
Queant Laxis
Queant Laxis
396 Hz frequency liberates your inner energy and has beneficial effects on feelings of guilt. All the instruments are tuned to 396 Hz, the liberating frequency. The sounds of nature and other audio effects are tuned to 417 Hz and 528 Hz. For the effects of 7.8Hz Theta beats, please use stereo headphones.
Free yourself from guilt and fear
Liquid Water Harmony
Liquid Water Harmony
Give your body a deep sense of security and safety. The subtle mix of heavenly voices and sounds of water and glass, is tuned to 174 Hz & 741 Hz to support the healing process. The Theta binaural beats are tuned to the phantom tone of 174 Hz, at a rate of 6 Hz. Isochronic white noise is present to enhance the meditation.
Feel safe and reduce pain
Delta Famuli
Delta Famuli
FA / 639Hz enables creation of harmonious community and interpersonal relationships. This spacey meditation incorporates 3 Solfeggio frequencies: 639Hz , 396Hz, and 741Hz to enhance your communication, understanding, and tolerance. The Delta binaural beats are at the phantom tone of 639 Hz, at a rate of 4 Hz.
Enhance your relationships
Divine Connection
Divine Connection
Connect yourself with the Light and all-embracing Spirit with this 963 Hz meditation. The morphing drone and ancient voices render a deep healing atmosphere to let you experience Oneness. The track is also rich in other Solfeggio tones: 396 Hz and 852 Hz. Please use stereo headphones for the effects of 2 Hz Delta brain entrainment.
Connect with the Spirit
Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual Awakening
LA / 852Hz is linked to your ability to see through the illusions of life. It also raises your spiritual awareness and lets you return to spiritual order. 852 Hz is nicely blended with 528 Hz frequency in this cosmic Theta meditation. This track contains isochronic tones at a rate of 5.5 Hz.
Awake your intuition
Eternal Love
Eternal Love
This meditation has the power of 528Hz, the Love Frequency. 528 Hz is linked with transformation and miracles. Use this track to activate your imagination, intention and intuition to operate for your highest and best purpose. There are also Alpha 8.5 Hz binaural beats and additional Solfeggio tones: 936 Hz and 285 Hz.
Bring harmony into your life
Flowing Energy Fields
Flowing Energy Fields
Rejuvenate and energize your body with this 285 Hz meditation. The frequency of 285 Hz is mixed with 852 Hz and 417 Hz to bring you in tune with your energetic self. For the maximum effects of Alpha SMR 12 Hz brain stimulation, please use stereo headphones.
Raise your energy
Awakening Logos
Awakening Logos
741 Hz was believed to be associated with the power of self-expression. Another application of this audio meditation is solving problems of any nature by connectiong with Logos. This music has brainwave entrainment, in the Beta range of 13Hz.
Solve your problems
Solfeggio Harmonics Deluxe Bundle (MP3)
Solfeggio Harmonics Deluxe Bundle (MP3)
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