528 Hz & Solfeggio Music

You get 100% Solfeggio & 528Hz music (we tune each musical note separately)
You get better brain stimulation (music is perfectly mixed with brainwave entrainment)
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“It was like my inner being, my core opened up…”
Desla Epison, USA
“They are powerful, soothing and comforting…”
Candy Spender, Australia
Solfeggio & 528Hz Music
Resonare Fibris
Resonare Fibris
Tibetan bowls are tuned to 417Hz, the frequency for breaking up old emotional patterns, undoing situations and facilitating change. The audio is also rich in 528Hz and other frequencies. For the effects of 10Hz Alpha binaural beats at the phantom tone of 417Hz, please listen with stereo headphones.
Unlock your potential
Liquid Water Harmony
Liquid Water Harmony
Give your body a deep sense of security and safety. The subtle mix of heavenly voices and sounds of water and glass, is tuned to 174 Hz & 741 Hz to support the healing process. The Theta binaural beats are tuned to the phantom tone of 174 Hz, at a rate of 6 Hz. Isochronic white noise is present to enhance the meditation.
Feel safe and reduce pain

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