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“It was like my inner being, my core opened up…”
Desla Epison, USA
“They are powerful, soothing and comforting…”
Candy Spender, Australia
432 Hz Planetary Healing
Sparkling River
Sparkling River
Calm your emotions and plunge into the sparkling waters of the forgotten healing river. With the most precise 432Hz tuning you will quickly reduce the tension of the day and feel relaxed. Binaural beats are pulsing at an entrainment rate of 10.5 Hz Alpha.
Relax and release stress
Enchanted Forest
Enchanted Forest
Increase your mental peace and creative thinking with this magical meditation. All the sounds in the Enchanted Forest are tuned to 432 Hz and Pythagorean scale. The entrainment of a 9 Hz binaural Alpha pulse takes you into the natural state of balance and harmony.
Increase your creativity
Rain Lakota
Rain Lakota
The soothing sounds of rain are mixed with tibetan bowls and the native American Lakota flute. All instruments are perfectly in tune with the natural vibrations of the universe. Rain Lakota contains binaural beats in sync with the Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz.
Improve your immune system
Alpha Sea Dreams
Alpha Sea Dreams
Let your body float with the gentle waves of the healing sea.The oceanic synthesizer and FX sounds are tuned to 432 Hz and Pythagorean temperament. For the benefits of the 9Hz Alpha binaural beat, please listen with stereo headphones.
Drift into the peace
Mystic Mountains
Mystic Mountains
The feeling of bliss and relax is waiting for you high in the mountains. Close your eyes and let the mysterious sounds connect your brain and body with your spiritual being. Binaural beats at a rate of 5Hz Theta consolidate long-term memory and remove mental blocks.
Enhance your memory
Celestial Night
Celestial Night
Discover the gateway to the universal mind and collective unconscious with the sounds of the summer night. You can hear the shooting stars and warm synthesizer tuned to the natural rhythm of the 432 Hertz. This 3.5Hz Delta meditation is more effective when used with eyes closed.
Expand your awareness
Into The Blue
Into The Blue
Dive deep into the ocean and explore the realms of your unconscious mind. Real life sounds of dolphins and humpbacks are mixed with 432 Hz tuned instruments. Delta binaural beats at a rate of 1.5Hz improve your sleep, reduce anxiety and bring you spiritual connection.
Deep healing and relaxation
Ice Cavern
Ice Cavern
Refresh and rejuvenate yourself in the crystal ice cave. The pure sound of dripping water and ice cave echo soothe your mind and restore your health. The entrainment beat of 4.5Hz Theta helps you reach the flow state, clears any negative thinking and support the healing process.
Solve your problems
Beyond The Valley
Beyond The Valley
Connect deeply with your subconscious beyond the Valley in Sayan Mountains. The Aum mantra (Lamat) and powerful Tuvan voices by Huun-Huur-Tu have been tuned to 432Hz and Pythagorean scale. Use stereo headphones and feel the healing effects of this 7Hz Theta meditation.
Achieve greater insight
The Pleiades
The Pleiades
Float through the universe to the stars of Pleiades, five-hundred light years away from Earth. The cosmic hum and sparkling bright stars bring you peace and natural tranquility. Alpha frequencies are pulsing at a rate of 9.5 Hz, calming your emotional and physical system.
Soothe your body and mind
432 Hz Planetary Healing Deluxe Bundle
432 Hz Planetary Healing Deluxe Bundle
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